Using Corian in Your Home

Choosing the right surface material for your remodeling project opens more possibilities of function and style than you might have initially expected. Dupont is manufacturing a surface material called Corian that offers endless opportunities and solutions for both residential and commercial use. Corian is available in a multitude of different colors and finishes which give you the option for a unique look or to have the ability to blend with other traditional materials such as stainless steel, wood, and glass.

Though Corian is not a brand new material, it is a constantly evolving product that lends itself to the needs of almost any design. From home furnishing to artistic center pieces to functional assets of the food service industry, Corian is an extension of the designer and the individuals who utilize it.

What is Corian

Corian is a brand created by Dupont in 1967 and is a composite of pure acrylic polymer and natural minerals. The solid surface can be shaped to almost any design when heated over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for seamless designs in countertops, vanities, and other wall coverings. Being a non-porous material, the use of Corian is spreading to more commercial environments as well such as laboratories and hospitals.

The versatility of the surface grows with advances in modern technology as well. Dupont has been branching out with other companies involving the use of Corian as a surface that will charge your phone simply by placing your phone on top of it.

Benefits of Choosing Corian

Why should you choose Corian over granite, stainless steel, or any other surface option? Several features set Corian apart as a strong candidate for most design choices.

Durability – As mentioned above, Corian is a non-porous material. Spilling red wine or other substances on the surface will not leave stains. It can hold its own against scorching or problems that would destroy most other finishes. Corian is also resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria with minimum maintenance.

Cost – Thought it is not the least expensive option, you will find that Corian can be less of a burden on your budget than several other rival surfaces including granite.

Flexibility – Corian has a signature flowing, seamless appearance which can be shaped to fit any type of remodeling design. For more complex layouts, pieces of Corian can be glued together without the appearance of any edges for unlimited possibilities.

Options – Initially Corian was only available in a select amount of colors. Now there are a multitude of options offering a modern look or a resemblance to marble, granite, or quartz. This gives you the option to completely renovate your room using all Corian material, or add it to a mix of other surfaces without worry of clashing design.

Repairable – Although it is very difficult to damage the material, Dupont Corian surfaces are renewable. These surfaces  can be repaired on site by a certified fabricator without having to completely remove or replace the material.

Applications of Corian

Corian Lighting

The flexibility of Corian allows the material to be customizable for many applications and uses. Besides being a durable surface in the kitchen and bathroom, Corian can be adapted and shaped to meet numerous needs and several more abstract concepts. Being a formable plastic, the material can be produced at various levels of thickness. Manufacturing Corian at a slimmer thickness and placing lighting within it, provides an ambient atmosphere.

Corian has been certified for food contact, meaning it is a popular choice in the food service industry. If it is safe and durable enough for the use of the masses in restaurants and bars, it goes without saying that this material can be a welcome addition to your home. Some of your favorite local businesses may already be using Corian for their bar tops, food preparation areas, reception areas, and even on the tables where you are enjoying your meal.

If you are looking for a low maintenance, versatile, and cost-effective option when designing your kitchen or bathroom, Corian can be used to fit most of your needs. The exciting thing about this material is that the options don’t end at simple countertops and bathroom surfaces. You can give your home a unique modern twist with Corian furniture, lighting, and artistic design. The material can also be used to give your home a traditional appearance, but with an easier to maintain aesthetic that isn’t possible with other building materials.