Using Corian for Your Shower Enclosure

Choosing what type of shower enclosure you want to use in your bathroom involves a significant amount of decision-making.  There are many different types of materials to choose from, but we’re going to be looking at the benefits of choosing Corian as the new star of your bathroom renovation.

Some of the most important factors when deciding what to put on your shower or bathtub surround are:

  • A surface that is easy to clean
  • A surface that has a decorative or stylish appearance
  • A surface that is durable
  • A surface that is water resistant

Corian Shower Enclosure

Corian is an effective solution with all of these factors in mind. This is a product that is used in the food service industry and hospitals because of its cleanliness and non-porous material. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty great option for your own home?

DuPont changed the way people were able to look at bathroom design by creating Corian in the 1960’s. Originally the process of installing a shower or bathtub surround involved putting the enclosure together one tile at a time. Although giving the appearance of a beautiful handmade design, the labor involved was intense. The tile was more difficult to manipulate to fit various shapes and structures of different bathrooms. And once all that was done, grouting was a painstaking process crucial to providing a strong water seal.

Corian offers a quicker solution to the laborious process. Instead of piecing together the shower one tile at a time, why not use one solid surface for the entire design? With this is mind the enclosure can be hand crafted to the unique structure of your bathroom. Because it is a solid surface, there is no worry about grouting, leaks, or non-uniformity with the appearance.

Ahead of the Pack

There are many options available for shower enclosures and bathtub surrounds. Some of the competition that Corian is up again includes:

  • Glass blocks
  • Fiberglass one-piece units
  • Stone tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Acrylic sheet

Depending on your budget and the appearance you’re going for, each of these options carry their own list of pros and cons. Stone tiles are quite beautiful in appearance but are usually somewhat porous and difficult to clean. Natural stone can also be a little more fragile than other materials which could allow cracking along any fissure lines.

Fiberglass and acrylic sheets are a great option if budget is a strong concern. Both of these materials are usually inexpensive and require less maintenance with cleaning. The drawback is a somewhat “plastic” appearance and limited number of style and size options. Fiberglass surrounds are often installed in new homes because they can be set in place before all the walls have been built. However, if you decide to remodel it may be impossible to remove the entire piece without tearing down a wall.

Glass blocks are a popular design for a lot of bathrooms and showers as well. Easy to clean and a variety of styles make them an interesting choice. The disadvantages include the weight of the individual blocks slowing down installation and lack of privacy unless you’re willing to pay more for cloudy or colored blocks.

corian_shower_trayWhy Choose Corian

After looking at the other options for materials, lets take a look at why a Corian shower enclosure would be the right option for you.

Corian is a non-porous material.

This means that you don’t need to worry about bacteria or mold becoming an issue in the seams of your shower. There are no seams, grouting, or loose tiles that would require additional maintenance. Being non-porous also means that humidity will not have an effect on Corian enclosures. Humidity can really wear down a lot of other materials over time.

Variety of colors and textures.

There are hundreds of different options of colors, hues, and textures when you choose Corian. The material’s flexibility in design makes it a applicable to any existing style or creating a new appearance for your remodeling project. Check out a sample of some of the available colors at the DuPont page.

Designed to fit your needs.

Corian shower enclosures can be manufactured to any specification. Other materials come in set sizes and have limited flexibility in shape and layout. Corian allows you to mold and shape your tub surround to whatever design you would like. You have the option of adding shelves as part of the enclosure or just keeping a simple, sleek design.

So easy to clean you’ll feel guilty.

The solid surface means there are no nooks and crannies to dig into while cleaning the shower. Basic cleaning supplies and a soft sponge are all you need for regular maintenance of Corian shower enclosures. For optimal cleanliness it is advised to dry off the surface with a towel or squeegee after each use, but mainly if you are in an area with hard water. Repairing any light scratches is an easy process as well.

Corian BathPermanent. The last enclosure you’ll need.

Due to the strength of the material and ease of cleaning, Corian is here to last. This is not a material you have to worry about tearing down or replace after 20-30 years of use. You can choose a design of natural stone appearance that will not wear away like natural stone does. This is why hospitals, restaurants, and other industrial companies use Corian. Once it is installed you don’t need to worry about it.