Custom Cabinetry Designed by You

Custom Cabinetry for your Kitchen

At Great Lakes Kitchen and Bath Inc. we design the most premium, functional cabinets that will work in any space.  We have the capabilities of creating frameless cabinets and face-framed cabinets that are fully designed to meet your specification.

Framed Cabinets

Our products are unique in a way that they hold the benefits of a frameless cabinet while providing the structure and support of a traditional face framed cabinet.  We use 3/4″ melamine on the inside and design the hinging and sliding systems with our state-of-the-art CNC router.

This allows us to provide our customer with top-quality hardware that can only be used in European style cabinets on the inside, and at the same time, give the outside appearance of the cabinet a warm, natural appearance.  It also allows us to add matching baseboard and crown molding that will bring your kitchen together and make it look pristine.

Durability and Quality

Custom Cabinets for Kitchens

Another unique design feature of our cabinets is how we maximize cabinet strength by using a 1/2″ melamine back (as opposed to sliding in a 1/4″ back.)  This gives us much more versatility in drilling and anchoring our products, and provides a more solid structure to ensure your cabinet is of the highest quality.

We also use a 1/4″ vernier for all exposed sides instead of a laminate.  When applying laminate vernier, it’s extremely hard to make it feel like “real wood” and keep it entirely “air-pocket-free”.  Even if this is achieved, air pockets can appear in their vernier over time due to changes in temperature and humidity.  We eliminate this problem with our method and guarantee it will hold up to the elements of time and weather.

Frameless Cabinets

If you’re not interesting in having a face frame on your cabinets, no problem.  Our shop has the full capabilities to create frameless cabinets by using a 1mm or 3mm edge band.  This is typical for commercial jobs, such as hospitals and schools.  This style of cabinet is extremely durable and will last for decades without any notice of wear and tear.  The inside hardware will contain all of the features of our face framed cabinets, but the outer appearance can be modified to any color scheme to work with your company’s brand.

It’s very simple to begin the design process with Great Lakes Kitchen and Bath.  Just send us a message or give us a call and get started today!