Assembly and Fabrication

Custom Cabinetry Assembly and Fabrication

Our cabinets are fabricated by our state-of-the-art CNC router and assembled by hand.  This allows us to monitor every step of both processes and make sure that the cabinets are built to absolute perfection.  Our goal at Great Lakes Kitchen and Bath is to create a premium product that is assembled and installed by professionals who can guarantee the job will be done correctly.


Our CNC router allows us to design anything you can imagine and execute in the most precise way possible.  Using a CNC router for fabrication has several different advantages

  • Improved Automation:  Only one operator is necessary when using these machines, and all it takes is selecting a preset mode to get the machine started.  These machines can be left unattended for hours or even days if set up correctly.  It’s also much safer, since the operator isn’t holding the tool, should their be a jam or break in the product or machine.
  • Accelerated Fabrication:  Since the router has a set of preset cut-lists loaded into it, it’s ability to route in specific designs, drill holes, plow out coves, etc. is much faster than doing it by hand.  It’s also done the exact same, every single time.
  • Programming Ease:  The flexibility of programming a CNC machine almost compares to the flexibility of teaching a worker new skills.  Endless amounts of programs can be uploaded as presets into the machine, which sky rockets it’s versatility and allows it to create completely different products  within minutes of each other.

We use our CNC router to cut all of our cabinet parts and drill the holes for drawer slides, door hinges and shelving inside the cabinet.  This drastically speeds up  our assembly process and makes it much more efficient.  It also ensures that every cabinet will look the same and be flawless.


We assemble our cabinets by hand to guarantee that every cabinet is built to it’s proper specifications.  All of the finishing features are completed by our by our master craftsmen and some are installed on-site to make sure your kitchen fits like a glove.

We hand build our drawer boxes, clean and file every drawer and door front, hand mark and drill the pulls, and adjust everything after your kitchen has been installed so it’s perfectly level and symmetrical.

This part of the process is best done by hand so that the kitchen receives a real human touch.  No matter how advanced the machine, no one can finish the job the way we can.